Tuesday, December 8, 2009


cherie, my hands are wilting
ever so
and while my fingers brim with words
I speak to you

listen to the whispers
and my voice will touch you
blossom palms,
I will show you all I have found
the mountains in the sky
the life in the sunrays
the stories of the trees
the wisdom of the water

cherie, my eyesight is fading
ever so
and my irises reflect the mirrors
I must give you

stare through them
and in you I will stir
dove lungs,
you can use my eyes to see
the sparkle in the stars
the silver crown of the moon
the solace of the night sky
the beauty you exude

I hear trains rumbling
promises, echoing your name
fissures in the air, reminders
when my youth fades
it will embrace you
and my ghost will kiss you

then you will be left
rosebud nose
clover cheeks
petal lips
hummingbird heart

to reach, reach, reach
and remember

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Footsteps line this weathered street,
bare feet impressed in dust.
A presence lingers in my limbs
braced against these crumbling walls.

Apparitions of eloquence haunt me,
ghosts corroding my youth
leaving age untouched.

The roads are masked in concrete,
no place to press my feet.

Modern density, my affliction.
I watch my voice fall into blind eyes.
Every letter, a finger;
Every phrase, a hand,
grasping at the clouds
and screaming at the sky.

But I continue walking
to feel the words you spoke.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

while the f--ever flickers

life exceeding flowingly
perforates my skin
an illumination of bare bones
to the cold moon
exuding the unsound mechanization
we discharge

the light still
(eyes lungs fingers)
eclipsing mortality

piercing feeling, being
ignites a need to reveal

and) the little Sun burst


to tears
while the f--ever flickers


Monday, November 2, 2009


I loved you despite
these confectionary glances,
sweet-chilled kisses upon my chest
Helled me

an ephemeral [em]brace
pressed tightly against Your

I was Your well,
that withstood
deep draughts You drew
from my shallow fractured

and my fragile sunrays
warmth nonexistent in Your
everending ocean
to subside the pallid dread


my feet frroze.inn.ppain.
when I walked on water